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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:32pm EST

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the snow is over, but the bone chilling temps are challenging record lows. >> there goes a couple plows. >> tonight a look at the icy roads and what you can expect for your morning commute. >> ice is a big problem. >> it is a violation of international law. >> plus new developments in ukraine as tensions escalate with thousands of russian troops reportedly moving in. >> i borrowed the hat and
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thought i'd pass it on and get some money for the pizza. >> and what a fast food chain paid for morrell's hat. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. we're in for a frigid night and that's not good for our already slick roads. the federal government, the d.c. government both running on a two-hour delay tomorrow. metrobuses will resume operations, but only on certain busy routes. >> topper declared tomorrow a yellow alert, so let's find out how cold it's getting overnight. >> we did it for two reasons, one the frigid air and slick spots in the morning. it's 0 in manassas, 5 in leesburg, 3 in winchester, then cumberland and 2 below in culpeper. those are straight temperatures. so record lows, d.c. record low is 4. that's probably safe set back in 1873. the record low at dulles is 6. we'll break that because we're already 5 and we've broken the
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low this morning at 5. the all time record low is 1 below set in the wake of that '93 blizzard. there's a chance dulles could flirt with that. baltimore record low of 5 set back also in 1873. that may be safe. the average high is 51, the average low 34. we are way below average. when you wake up, very cold, 2 to 12 at 5:00, by 7:00 looking at temperatures 2 below 0 to 10 above and by 9:00 sunshine, still cold, temperatures 12 to 19. we'll come back, talk about the prospects of getting above freezing tomorrow and also the prospects of having to deal with black ice for several days. >> just painful to see that forecast. let's get right to some of those school closings, start in virginia first where alexandria, arlington, culpeper, fairfax, falls church, fauquier, loudoun, manassas and spotsylvania county schools closed tomorrow and to maryland where calvert, charles, montgomery and prince george's county schools all closed. ing did public schools will
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open two hours -- d.c. public schools will open two hours late. we will post the closings on our website and the wusa9 ipad app where you can get live radar and traffic apps and download that for free. all day we've been tracking the roads for you and tonight there are some dangerous areas. we have some crucial information about your morning commute, what to look for, where the trouble spots are and who you can call for help. our mark albert is live in prince george's county tonight with what you need to know for tomorrow. >> reporter: this is old bridge road in lake ridge. there are some slick spots on this stretch of road. i talked with a contract plow driver for vdot who thinks the roads would need a massive amount of salt right now to get ready for the morning commute. vdot says its goal is to make one pass on northern virginia's 16,000 neighborhood streets by sometime tomorrow. until then you'll want to be careful.
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add a few inches of wet snow and falling temperatures and this is what you get, sheets of ice glistening in some places, a hazardous mix. >> there's completely ice everywhere. >> reporter: fabian guerrero plans to leave extra early for work tuesday morning. >> see how it goes tomorrow morning if i can make it or not. >> reporter: the virginia department of transportation says its 4,000 trucks are staffed by crews on 12 hour shifts as they try to make all state roads passable within 48 hours, but as the snow stopped falling midafternoon, it wasn't so much the snow buildup that worried drivers. it was the plummeting temperatures freezing all that tis spin on the dale boulevard hill in woodbridge. >> there's just thin layers in certain spots. it's just some areas they didn't quite scrape down far enough. >> it's unfortunate they weren't able to treat the roads beforehand because of the rain earlier. >> reporter: molique dawson is a professional truck driver for
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a manassas company. when he heads to work in the morning, he plans to take his own advice. >> leave out at least half hour, 45 minutes beforehand, stay at least two or three car lengths away, if possible. >> reporter: with these bitterly cold temperatures vdot is worried salt would not be effective. so it is using sand on the roads instead. you want to grab a opinion and paper or your favorite device -- pen and paper or your favorite device. you could report right now an unplowed road in northern virginia by going to this vdot link or by calling 1-800-367- 7623. you can check the status of plowing in your neighborhood by going to we'll put all this information on our website at live in prince william county, mark albert, wusa9 of the. a similar story in -- wusa9. a similar story in
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arlington county. that's where we find mola lenghi who made the rounds around and around the d.c. area. how is it looking now? you've been out there, buddy. >> reporter: the plows have been out and about around arlington today, but many streets, we're talking about side streets and main streets like wilson boulevard here as you can see remain pretty nasty and they're only likely going to get worse. >> nothing but ice and snow. mother nature did a number to us. >> reporter: in some places it could get worse as temperatures are expected to remain below freezing all night tonight and day top. probably not good for a -- tomorrow. probably not good for a place like arlington where snow and slush remain on many roads. >> there's a lot of snow in this area. my neighborhood often takes a few days to get plowed out. >> reporter: the district seemed to treat their roads a little better while main roads like wilson boulevard have stayed snow coated all day, check out m street in
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georgetown, not too bad. tonight this bridge is nearly spotless which is something this mail carrier would have appreciated in arlington today. >>some prefer to be stuck at home today. >> reporter: have you been out on the roads at all? >> no. i stay home. >> reporter: does it help that there aren't that many cars out here? >> yeah. compared to last time, by 2:00 there was cars all over the place. >> reporter: cars, who needs cars to get around? john mcveigh strapped on some skis. do you see anybody on a snowboard? is there that ski/snowboard rivalry? >> not that i've seen. >> reporter: despite the poor road conditions, not many accidents to report today. it's been quiet. that's likely because the roads have been pretty empty of cars. seems people heeded the warnings and decided to stay home which they should probably consider doing tomorrow as well. live in arlington i'm mola lenghi for wusa9.
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metrobuses still not running tonight. they will be back on the streets tomorrow sort of. the buses will operate on what they call a severe snow service plan. that means there will be limited service. only the busiest portions of each route will be seeing buses. mark rail and dre will operate on their normal schedules tuesday. not a good day for travelers according to the website flightaware. more than 2,000 flights were canceled this morning. about 500 were at reagan national airport. in bowie, maryland, today a 62-year-old woman collapsed and died after shoveling snow outside of her house. firefighters say clearing sidewalks can be exhausting and you have to be really careful, especially with the type of snow today. there are resources for you that need help. nikki burdine joins us live from northwest d.c. >> reporter: unfortunately situations like what happened today, tragedies like that, are a reminder of just how
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dangerous shoveling snow can be, especially for the elderly, those with disabilities or preexisting health conditions. if you are not one of the lucky ones that have a helpful neighbor, family or friend to shovel for you, there are resources to help you like a group called joining me now and literally working behind me now is joseph, the founder and a volunteer with snow crew. tell me what snow crew is. >> sure. snow crew is a web app that connects seniors and people with access and functional needs to volunteers who can and want to help them dig out from snowstorms. >> reporter: how do people sign up? what do they do? >> they go to and can request shoveling assistance or volunteer to help out. you create a profile. >> reporter: how many people have you helped today? >> personally i think this is like seven or eight so far? there's about 100 some requests. we need a lot of volunteers to help dig out everybody else.
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>> reporter: that's a big problem, but you started this because you noticed a lot of people need help. they don't know their neighbors and they're elderly and can't do it themself. it's dangerous. >> it is. the problems we're solving is we're helping people communicate and connecting them so they can form bonds and by shoving out your neighbors, neighbors can get to work, the pharmacy, the doctor's appointments and this helps reduce the interruption caused by snowstorms in their lives. >> reporter: it can also save a life like the tragedy that happened today. >> yeah. >> reporter: if you are one of the few people who can get out and shovel snow, you still need to be extra careful. here are a few tips from firefighters. >> you got to take breaks. stay away from the caffiene and alcohol. take breaks. dress warm. dress in layers. we have to be able to sense it coming on. don't work yourself to the point where you're overexerted to where it's too late. >> reporter: el
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